Student Cultural Exchange Tours

Ha Noi, Quang Ninh, Ninh Binh

Student Cultural Exchange Tours

12 days / 11 nights

Cultural exchange is a kind of program aiming at exposing students/youngsters to people from various religious, cultural,... Read more
Cultural exchange is a kind of program aiming at exposing students/youngsters to people from various religious, cultural, geographic and socio-economic backgrounds. Therefore, the program does provide the opportunity for participants to develop better understanding of culture diversity in terms of Vietnamese culture, Eastern cultures and worldwide. Less
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  • Trip highlights

    (1)  During the (11) day stay in Vietnam, the participants will attend an orientation, visit cultural facilities, University of social sciences and humanities and related organizations, take part in university exchange programs, and attend a debriefing session. See (sample itinerary) for details.

    (2) Participants should major in arts, cultures, linguistic science and related disciplines such as design, fashion, animation, and visual arts.

    They do not need to be students of Vietnamese language but should be interested in Vietnamese culture and wish to infuse Vietnamese and Eastern culture in their future work.

    (3) The participants will deepen their understanding of the attractiveness of Vietnamese culture in specific areas related to creative activities including design, fashion, art, architecture, movies (including animation), and performing arts through a variety of exchange programs. Those participants who are motivated to play the role of promoting deeper cultural exchanges between Vietnam and their own country in the future will be highly recommended.

    (4) Outdoor, exchange activities with locals at suburb/rural/remote areas outside of Hanoi.

    (5) Tours: Hanoi city tour and tours to Vietnam’s famous attractions eg: Halong Bay….

    (6) Seminars/ workshop on local/global issues.

    Brief itinerary

    day 1: Leave the home country for Vietnam day 2: Hanoi city tour day 3: Orientation& Handicraft visit day 4: University exchange program day 5: Field trip to handicraft production company& university campus day 6: Visit Vietnam's ancient village day 7: University exchange program 2 day 8: Free, leisure shopping& Party& Art performing exchange day 9: Univeristy lecture attandance day 10: Halong bay tour 2D1N day 11: Back to home country

    Trip Inclusions

    Depending on specific requests

    Trip Exclusions

    Depending on specific requests

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    Benefits of cultural exchange tour/program in Vietnam

    Experience new (Vietnamese) culture

    While on exchange program, students typically have chance to experience the culture of Vietnamese country in a thorough way. This occur through direct application as result of staying with Vietnamese family, going to class with true local friends and through various other means. Due to differences in the architecture, cuisine, and tradition, most students will find themselves completely immersed within Vietnam as their host country. After a period of time living in Vietnam, students will find that they have become accustomed to Vietnamese culture and can behave in the manner of a Vietnamese. This excellent learning opportunity typically leaves an exchange student with better understanding for people of all sorts, and can really make young people feel as though they have become “citizens of Vietnam.” What students learned and experienced in Vietnam will be broadly shared with among other friends and relatives. This is guaranteed to be amusing and interesting.

    Meet and make friends with Vietnamese people

    By being an exchange student you will meet a lot of Vietnamese friends from your exchange country that you will have a close relationship with for the rest of your life. It will be very interesting to explore and learn about Vietnamese students’ life in which you will find so much in common as well as in difference.

    Home-stay and chance of finding your second family in Vietnam

    While living with a Vietnamese family, you are always welcomed as a member of their family, the attachment with Vietnam host family stays forever and will always be appreciated. Members of the host family will be typically expected to act much more than just providers of food and a bed. They will create a setting in which they can exchange cultures, learning a little bit more about students’ ways of life in their home country while helping them grasp new language and experience thee culture of Vietnam. Through regularly making an effort to become completely familiar with Vietnamese family, students come to be seen as a true member of their second family and make a long-lasting relationship.

    Personal development

    While in Vietnam, students must confront with challenges in daily life they have never experience before, simply as how to cross street in Vietnam. Everything is new to them, as they have to adjust to life within a totally strange place with completely different language. Though such challenges may be utterly frightening, the difficulties associated with daily life during their stay in Vietnam will truly teach foreign students countless life lessons. At the end of the exchange period, they will typically possess a better understanding of foreign cultures and background. It is also a great experience for students to learn how to live independently without any aid from their parents. It is truly the magic of this program.

    Learn& practice Vietnamese

    Being an exchange student in the host country of Vietnam is much like becoming a small child once again, it will provide foreign students to become familiar with Vietnamese language in a manner of Vietnamese native speaker. This is extremely use to students who are studying Vietnamese. Even short-term exchanges will make a significant opportunity to make difference in their comprehension of Vietnamese language. 

  • day 1: Leave the home country for Vietnam

    Our representative will pick you up at Noi Bai international airport and transfer to registered hotel in Hanoi city center.

    day 2: Hanoi city tour

    We will work with some student run organizations offering free guiding city tours like Hanoi Free Tour Guides to organize a city tour in the most localized ways in which your students will be guided by Vietnamese students. The itinerary will include the most popular attractions of city such as: Ho Chi Minh complex, Temple of Literature (Vietnam’s first national university), Museum of Ethnology (Where your students will have first chances to learn about Vietnamese cultural diversity of different groups in terms of languages, customs, traditions, and architecture.)

    day 3: Orientation& Handicraft visit

    AM: Orientation

    -     Lecture on Vietnam-U.S. relations and Vietnamese culture

    -> Learn and confirm the fundamentals of Vietnam-U.S. relations and

    Vietnamese culture.

    -     Program overview and schedule

    -> Confirm the significance of the youth exchange program and things to note during the program

    PM: Visit the Bat Trang pottery village to learn about features of Vietnam’s traditional handicraft village.

    -> Learn about Vietnamese culture, handicraft villages, its people and daily life.

    day 4: University exchange program

    Discussion and exchange on each specific area

    day 5: Field trip to handicraft production company& university campus


    -> Learn about the Vietnamese hand-made products.

    PM: Visit some Vietnam university campus

    -> Learn about Vietnamese student’s life and Vietnamese education system.

    day 6: Visit Vietnam's ancient village

    AM: Move to Duong Lam ancient village where a lot of old traditional values of people in Vietnam countryside as well as ancient house architecture are still well preserved.

    Lunch at Vietnamese local restaurants.

    PM: Visit some of Vietnamese extended families in the village.

    -> Learn about the culture, tradition and daily life of Vietnamese people in rural area.

    day 7: University exchange program 2

    -> Discussion and exchange on each specific area

    day 8: Free, leisure shopping& Party& Art performing exchange

    AM: Free and leisure shopping with Vietnamese students.

    PM: Prepare for art performance exchange

      Party& Art performing exchange in the evening.

    day 9: Univeristy lecture attandance

    Attending university classes of specific subjects (Language, social sciences, art…..) in English by a Vietnamese university lecturer.

    day 10: Halong bay tour 2D1N

    Detailed program is subject to specific requirements.

    day 11: Back to home country

    Bus transfer to the airport for departure.

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