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Vietnam is a multi-nations country, which is home to the people of about different 54 nations. However, about 90% of the population is Vietnamese but there are a large number of ethnic minorities. The remaining 10% of the Vietnam Population constitutes of the various ethnic groups that include approximately 1.2 million Chinese.

Spread over an area of about 331,690 sq.kms Vietnam has a population of more than 91,519,289 people. Vietnam has a rapid population growth, the average growth rate of Vietnam's population id 2.23 %. Owing to its rapid population growth many fear that it has started becoming an obstacle in the development of the country. In order to reduce the risk of population growth overcoming the food production, the Vietnamese government has launched a 20-year crash plan of reducing fertility rate from the present 3.7 children per woman to a level of 2 per woman.

The population of Vietnam is large enough to make it second most populous country in the South-East Asia, seventh in the Asia-Pacific region and the 12th most populous in the world-list. One should also notice that the ratio of literate persons are high in Vietnam and the majority of the population is young. According to a census conducted in1985, the average population density was 179 persons per square kilometer. The most densely settled region in Vietnam is the Red River Delta region that recorded more than 75 % of the population of North Vietnam. Another major populated region is the Mekong River Delta region in Vietnam that comprises nearly half of the southern population. Vietnamese have a mixed feelings about the birth control and sex education, it was noticed that majority of women married before the age of 20 in Vietnam. Resulting in a high birth rate, with a woman on an average bearing four or more than four children. However, later the legal marriage age for women was set at 22 but this law met serious opposition. As the Vietnamese believed in "falling in love early and getting married early". At present, there are 54 different ethinic groups inhabiting Vietnam. The King people or Viet reprent 80% of the whole population. Many minorities possess its own traditions and language. On the whole, the Vietnamese speak the languages of eight different groups:

  • The Viet-Muong Group includes four ethnic groups: Chut, Kinh, Muong, Tho
  • The Tay- Thai Group includes eights ethnic groups : Bo Y, Giay, Lao, Lu, Nung, San Chay, Tay, Thai
  • The Mon-Khmer Group includes 21 ethnic groups: Ba Na, Bru-Van Kieu, Cho Ro, Co, Co Ho, Co Tu, Gie Trieng, Hre, Khang, KHmer, Kho Mu, Ma, Mang, M' Nong, 0 Du, Ro Mam, Ta Oi, Xinh Mun, Xo Dang, Xtieng.
  • The Mong- Dao Group includes Dao, Mong, Pa Then
  • The Kadai Group includes four ethnic groups: Co Lao, La Chi, La Ha, Pu Peo
  • The Nam Dao Group includes five ethnic groups: Cham, Chu Ru, E De, Gia Rai, Ra Glai
  • The Han Group includes three ethnic groups: Hoa, Ngai , San Diu
  • The Tang Group includes six ethnic groups: Cong, Ha Nhi, La Hu, Lo Lo, Phu La, Si La

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